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A Fragile Breath Within The Forest Of Echoes

Shhhh, listener, do you hear that? Nothing? Well, you are correct. We need to focus on that nothing, see where it comes from, and embrace its existence. Today, we're seeking that oasis that creates moments of solitude and solace. At undefined intervals within you daily life, it is vital for you to sink into your personal think tank which allows the reverberation of your own thoughts and aspirations to develop and spring to life. This creative space is our moment in time to plant the seeds of creativity and peace.

There is so much going on every day that we begin to lose sight of our own objectives. In doing so, we give a very vital piece of ourselves to those objectives and responsibilities (meh) that dull the sharpened blade of your mind. You can't see the forest through the trees. Now, it's time to cultivate the fertile land of your inner sanctum and grow your own forest of a flourishing wonderland.

Focus on the single thought that will bring your inner forest of beauty and depth into existence. Spend the time and effort to develop that seedling into a sapling with the care, attention, and love that promises to reciprocate its full potential of blessings. Feel free to add saplings of good thoughts and vibes, and care for them in your garden of beauty. Visit this sanctum often, as needed, to gaze and walk among the fruits of your own labor of love. Spending that time and effort pays in dividends which are indescribable yet rewarding. Enjoy your garden, as it it becomes the forest which you wander through in times of need, cultivating the carefully tended landscape which is the creative reflection among the echoing chamber of life.

Turn on, tune in, tend the garden...


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