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Daydreaming In A Sea Of Stars

Now that we've dipped our toes into the celestial heavens on our last voyage (in effort to gauge the cascading ripples of the skyward current), it is safe to say that the celestial oceans are now at ideal conditions for our immersion. Current systems here at Spaceman's Transmissions are at 100% capacity for a deep dive to the depths of that twilight beyond own galactic curtain.

Within the safety of our individual listening pods, we will transverse across the obstacles of time and space, and for a mere hour we'll lose ourselves while soaring just above and beyond the terrestrial horizon that we feel bound to. Have comfort in knowing that the systems integrations for interstellar travel are of top priority here at Spaceman's Transmissions. Our staff maintains that successful flight and the aural experience potential is at the upmost importance for our innumerable well pleased clients.

While we expect the turbulence to be at a mere minimum upon this flight, keep in mind that safely buckling in gives one even more peace of mind and an allowance to more freely gaze upon the remarkable celestial monuments that we'll encounter. Seeking an optimal listening position or scenario is ideal for squeezing the sweet nectar of space travel into a glass in which you consume your ears, mind, and imagination. Letting go for a minuscule amount of suggested time provides you, the listener, the most favorable conditions in which to successfully complete the voyage with minimal interruptions (also known as 'responsibilities'). Such an ugly word, it gave me a rash to mention it. But, I digress......

So, watch your head getting into the pod, make yourself comfortable, fasten your seatbelt, and prepare to catch aural glimpses of the many engaging morsels of cosmic delight. Enjoy your flight, and, as always, it's a pleasure to serve as your co-pilot here at Spaceman's Transmissions.

Turn on, tune in, blast off...


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