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Let's embark to a distant whereabouts that is virtually impossible to see through the clouds. It's there, but you won't see it if you fail to imagine and visualize. Your imagination and belief will

permit you to soar into the wind and higher than the reaches of turbulence and static. It is within this place that your mind finds peace, your spirit finds joy, and your ears steer your destiny. As you drift slowly towards this objective, feel free to let the pillow-like squishy reassurance of cloud cover envelope you in skies of white. This fluffy blanket seeks to yield you a hiding place for you to collect your thoughts, as if you were collecting and sorting pebbles found in a pond. This action allows you to reanimate your purpose and direction. At this point, the controls of your craft are enhanced to enable you to soar with greater control to your defined destiny.

Use this tiny segment of time within your life to replace that dulled bulb of your past with a fresh, new glowing source that emanates confidence, control, and a renewed self-awareness. This illuminating source of light will burn the debris that causes you stress, and, in doing so, frees your mind and untangles your soul. Emerge from your cocoon and fly high!

Thanks for traveling with Spaceman's Transmissions, and I hope that your flight is a pleasant one. We, the staff, look forward to servicing you on another flight and wish you the best. Peace.

Turn on, tune in, illuminate...


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