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Memories, Not Dreams

Welcome to your home away from home, your oasis of mental reset, and that place beyond the stars deep within the cosmic ocean of solace. This newly branded aural pool of euphoria ushers in 2022 and is one with special purpose and intention. By this title, your old boy Tonepoet is not telling you that you should dismiss your dreams, or that they are obstructions, or even that they are lifeless longings that you shelve in favor of 'responsibilities' (there's that word again, I hate that word). That is quite the opposite, dear listener. To dream is to feel alive, and turning those dreams into triumphs and memories, that is to actually live. This is the endlessly flowing river of potential where we want to find ourselves. Understand that the ebb and flow of the currents and tides might feel like a discourse, but it is merely a test of your drive and ambition to reach the higher ground.

So many time we hear the phrase 'live your dreams', and 'turn your dreams into a reality'. Dear listener, do I look as though I'm trying to sell books here? That's a big, fat negative. What I present is not a ploy or scheme, but an opportunity for us all to reassess our potentials and measure them up against our dreams. Find those gaps that exist between the two and fill them with effort and fortitude. If you don't dare dream it, you can never hope to plant your goal in the fertile garden of wishes.

I am here with you, dear listener, and as always nudging you in that direction towards your highest potential. Much change begins with the mind, and it is the mind that takes in aural cues for motivation and fuel for the victories over your challenges. Use this session as that replenishing fuel and creative mind-juice. In turn, take charge of those dreams and create memories from them.


Turn on, tune in, dream big...


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