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artist submissions

If there's one thing that I love to do more than anything, it's building a rapport within this unique universe in which we exist. Life is too brief to be selfish, and if there's anything that I can do to help other artists, I try to do my best with lending a hand. I know how difficult it is to get noticed and appreciated, and many submissions lead to zero replies. I face the same challenges, I get it. I receive quite a few submissions (3-10 weekly), and I am extremely grateful in the biggest way for you all having faith in me to assist you with your artistry. I really wish that I had a label, I would find a way to help you get further with your art. No lie. 

As I am a one-person operation, I'm only able to invest my free time into the happier part of my life (running Spaceman's Transmissions, creating my own music, and the like) when I'm not putting out fires and being dragged down with responsibilities and headaches of 'grown up' people stuff. Meh.

While I wish that I had a label to put everyone on, I don't. The best that I can do at the very least is take a listen to the music that you send with a real effort to see how it fits with a session on SPACEMAN'S TRANSMISSIONS. Or if you want to send music just to be heard, I'm all about it. I promise that if you write, I will write you back. If you don't hear back from me in any way, something went wrong in the transmission. So try again. If I don't use your music in a podcast, it doesn't mean that I don't like it (not even close). I have a certain niche that I'm used to working with that is best for me, that's all. I have lots (and I mean a lot) of music that I listen to that I would never put in a session. 

I would love to do album reviews and interviews (I've done them, I love doing this!), but it is very time consuming so it's very few and far between. So I make no promises on that. My apologies. If anyone would like to contribute that to SPACEMAN'S TRANSMISSIONS, I would love that. I'm all about collaborating (in every way). Food for thought.

Last note (I promise, this is going on too long). When sending music, it is ABSOLUTELY VITAL that you tag your music, or at least name the files so that I know who the artist is as well as what album it came from (if possible). The most difficult part is trying to figure out who wrote a song that I love, but I can't find anything on that song. That disqualifies the song from sessions, as I find it unethical to just use a song in which I can't give credit to the artist. It is your art, so protect it in that way and make sure that you doing that for everyone you send you music to. 

Okay, now I'm finished. Thank you all for finding this site, for sending music, for creating beautiful sounds that are a reflection of your vision, and for keeping touch. Reach out to me on the CONTACT page. Peace.


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