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as you wade in the pasture of dreams

Merely drifting aimlessly from one destination to another in effort to avoid turbulence (aka 'responsibilities') can sometimes be ideal to optimize mental energy and seek out momentary minutes of solace. However, one must put the brakes on at intervallic points with the sole purpose of enjoying colors of the blissful moments that abound. Not every instance of every day is one that you wish to freeze time within, but there are those pockets of subliminally divine moments for each of us that beg our undivided attention.

Finding the optimal time to sink into can be a daunting task. There was a time where your old boy Tonepoet was whining (yes, I do that from time to time) about not having enough time to do something, in which a co-pilot explained that I should make the time instead. Then he handed me a tissue. This, dear shipmate, is regaining focus, motivation, and purpose.

For you, dear listener, this means that in order to sustain the fuel for your mental tank and to endure the effort of climbing higher, it is imminent that you focus on keeping your craft in tip-top condition. Yes, this requires that you dock said craft for necessary pits stop from time to time. Allow yourself to run to the pasture just beyond that pit stop into a pasture of dreams. Feel no guilt as you take this time to replenish and rejuvenate yourself within the soothing cosmic atmosphere. Look around you, listen around you, take it all in, and exchange your weary breath for a breath that is rich with mentally empowering nutrients. Ahhh, tastes like heaven.

As we let go of everything for just a moment, find yourself and conduct repairs and maintenance upon you! When we are finished, realize that you are far more equipped to undertake challenges now that you invested some time and peace to yourself.

Turn on, tune in, sleep...


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