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Lullabies For The Weary Traveler

The staff here at Spaceman's Transmissions understands your dilemmas, dear listeners. For this reason, we choose to offer our empathy through a pathway of sound; one that ushers you into a realm of contentment and solace. Every session brewed in the Spaceman's laboratory was carefully cultivated by the highest ingredients and balanced with equal measures of intensity, beauty, and wholesome nutrients. Morsels with an equilibrium of sonic nutrients and flavorful colors? Say no more.

Do not be alarmed by the initial systems check of the pod, dear listener. It is a necessary precaution to ensure that your traveling arrangements are safe and secure so that we may traverse our destination without worry of derailment, or rather, distraction. Where are we going? Well, glad you asked. There is a cosmic ocean whose tides ebb and flow with cleansing potential. We will wade in the warmth of this current and bask in the beauty of a constellation that is unique in its stunning splendor.

As with every mission with Spaceman's Transmissions, we must expound upon our objective. In turbulent and disruptive times such as these, we shall repurpose our vision and direction. Your boy Tonepoet gets it: you are weary. I bind myself to an unwavering commitment of cradling you for a mere hour so that I may dip your mind into the chocolatey sweet syrup of rejuvenation. Having you as my co-pilot is a wish fulfilled, and providing a comforting blanket of cosmic wind is my pledge to you.

You know what? Enough jibba jabba already, let's depart for this freshly amalgamated sea of swirling colors by traversing the starry pathways of bliss. Take the controls, dear listener, and steer the craft towards the crystalline waters beyond the galactic wall. For it is there where we shall rest as we gather our thoughts and admire the glistening skyline with one another.

Turn on, tune in, sleep...


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