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Camping Under The Stars Volume 4 (Revive)

Once again, it is time to amalgamate a tapestry derived from the goldmine of Bandcamp (and beyond). As the weather begins to melt the frigid layer of our hibernating pods, we begin to see, hear, and feel our beloved Mother Earth awaken.

In doing so, she invites us to enjoy her beauty, preserve her sanctum, and commemorate an event that truly resonates life and rebirth. It is time to revive, sleepers! Let's awaken in unison with Mother Earth and reinvigorate our mental and spiritual energies that keeps our synapses firing with progressive thoughts of art, music, and joy. Yes, let's become hippies. Clean, social distancing hippies sharing campfire stories, roasted (and sometimes burnt) marshmallows, hiking adventures, and a sense of appreciation for the natural phenomenons that we take for granted. Since we, meaning you (dear listener) and myself, share the craft in which we transverse the celestial heavens together, I cannot help but consider you family. Therefore, I require your attendance for this journey to be a successful one. While we practice social distancing, you should nonetheless know that as your camping guide (me!) is just a thought away and sworn to keeping the cherished listeners that chart these waters close in spirit.

Though we experience the challenge of distance, our spiritual connection through this amalgamated aural mosaic allows us to share this experience with one another. I have shared my flight pod with you, and thus, I shall share my tent with you as well. With that said, we will exercise social distancing, yet share our stories with a comforting campfire between us.

In taking in the tapestry, please be sure to pay a visit to the many artists that shared the labor of weaving this dreamy session and let them know that your camping co-pilot Tonepoet sent you. Okay, climb in, get comfortable in your sleeping apparatus, and indulge in this soundtrack created for camping under the stars. Peace.

Turn on, tune in, sleep...


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