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Come On, Let's Go!

Hello to all of you travelers floating in the ether. It's not anything new: times are tough, and 2020 is turning out to be a disappointing year with a lot of turmoil, unrest, and terrifying unknowns. Is there nowhere to go to escape the problems of the modern age?

Yes, dear listener, there is. As you read this, I'm unfurling my parachute and checking the straps and seams to ensure that more than one passenger can take this voyage just beyond the (at times) dark present upon Mother Earth and float just above the surface and into a layer of light and solace. While you might think that it is absolutely silent and free of turbulence where we will soar, it is indeed not. However, from every dark moment, a light appears as if to shine down on a struggling seed to bust through the soil and find new life, purpose, and direction.

Your open mind will provide the jet stream in which we will wander, and your creative flow will breathe life into the air currents that will lift us just above and beyond that which we seek to circumvent.

As we take this journey, realize that there are peaks and valleys of surface tension, and it is the ultimate test to you, dear listener, to enhance that mental muscle and develop your ninja sense to comprehend that while we skim along the darkness, we persist so that we may soar effortlessly among the periods of good fortune and its rewards. You are but a floating seed in the sky, so take this time to germinate and blossom while adrift. I'm counting on you.

Do what you can for the world, for people, and for yourself to move ever forward no matter how slight it may seem. Enhance the lives of others so that your life will be rewarded with centering yourself with those you lift up. Keep your head up (and in the clouds at times if needed) and know that better times are always just a comforting breeze away.

Turn on, tune in, let's go...


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