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Day Dreams

We've arrived upon a new experience that is guaranteed to guide your flowering mind into a realm of solace as it engulfs your grey matter within a sea of illumination and color. With our feet firmly planted on the ground, there is nothing to say that we can't reach for the sky, letting our imaginative souls reveal the heavens above that we seek to drift among. Reach up, dear listener, and take hold of those elusive day dreams. Reward yourself with the pleasure that you experience while floating among the sweet nectar-like embers of creative energy.

Our daily lives are filled with challenges and distractions. They are but obstructive branches in the river that hinder the flow to your creative island. Use this session to optimize a pathway that navigates us around these obstacles and into a current where day dreams take hold. I seek to merely guide you there, among the channels that spark your creative flow and ease your minds for a single mere hour. It is my gift to you, and I ask for zero in return other than assurance that I piloted your journey well.

Your old boy Tonepoet is here for you, and ever amalgamating voyages to the stars and beyond. Search out the artists within this session and keep dreaming. The featured artist for this session is the incredible ASHEN SWAN (who is, coincidently, the same artist A VEILED FRAME IN AMBER) and does SO MUCH MORE. Pay him a visit on BANDCAMP for some really incredible music.

Turn on, tune in, dream on...


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