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An Ocean Of Stars (Calm Pills Host Mix)

Look up at the night sky, dear listeners, and tell me what you see. A vast and empty curtain that swallows up light? A void riddled with tiny diamonds? A dark and lifeless pasture? Now, look past that, and begin to transcend above these former descriptions of the cosmic drape. It is the cosmic ocean, and it's much more vast than we can conceive. This galactic wall is graced with glistening stars like

well-worn shells that are eroding to reveal a delicate sheen, illuminated planets that produce reflective shimmers not unlike ocean waves, and a stunning moon that drifts like a sand dollar in the sky.

That is the true cosmic skyscape for all of us; the limitless sea of unimagined intensity and grace. See it for what it really is, and immerse yourself within it cleansing cosmic tide.

As we drift within the cosmic tide, give in to this ceremony of cleansing your senses and mind with the sweet nectar of this aural current of sound and light that carries you into the ether. Permit this current to guide you to that destination which yields an oasis of wonderment, purity, and self-purpose. It is here on this island within the star speckled ocean in which you are rewarded with an awareness of your potential and creative drive. Spark your ambitions with this flame of enlightenment.

The staff here at Spaceman's Transmissions takes deep pride in producing only the highest quality products for our clients. When your old boy Tonepoet steps out to get fresh air, do not assume that he has abandoned you as an aimless, drifting co-pilot without a mission or destination. This detour is only an effort to reassess an

optimal pathway to our destination and to forge new means for attaining the zenith of our journey. You, the co-pilot, will always be vital to every voyage. So it is said.

An absolute acknowledgement and ridiculously extreme 'thank you' goes out to Uplifting Pills for not only serving up like-minded initiatives, but for hosting this mix and being an amazing resource and friend. Cheers, Ala! Tune into UPLIFTING PILLS ( and show some love.


Turn on, tune in, drift into the ether...


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