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Taking Flight

Salutations, co-pilots of the cosmic landscape. Let's climb aboard our floating craft and drift along the astral plane. Destination: a colorful cerebral universe. Speed: a glacial pace. Outcome: successful ushering of brain sugar in the form of an aural transmission. Do not take this mission for granted. Actually, never take any mission for granted.

The quest for unleashing your creative potential and igniting your synapses helps develop and therefore execute creative solutions that enable you in becoming more human than human and are not to be taken LIGHTLY! Sorry for yelling, listener, I'm better now. Mild freakout, but panic averted.

In the not so distant past, I released an album with another artist named CloudFall that was an honor and tribute to an event that I hold near and dear to my heart, and one that defines my childhood. The album is Taking Flight and was a concept of a single day in the life of a skateboarder from morning until evening. Nope, not kidding. You can find the album at (as with all of my releases, it is free). Anyhow, I try to steer clear of using my own compositions (as I tend to favor avoiding self-appreciation and whatnot), however, I did use the opening track and that last two from my own catalog. I do like these songs, so I decided to use the title track and actually name this travelogue as such. Okay, enough lame self-gratification, I'm starting to get a rash.

This session has been optimized with only non-GMO, certified organic, all natural, detoxifying cognitive jelly. Do not be alarmed when this jelly coats your grey matter. The tingling is not unlike an aphrodisiac. I might add caution to operating heavy machinery as you soak up this amalgamation. You would never operate a hammer jack upon a floating balloon, would you, dear listener? Please answer 'no' to this. Now, then, let's carry on with this gentle yet uplifting mode of transportation and lightly drift through the clouds, shall we?

Turn on, tune in, take flight...


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